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Know the latest parish announcements and be inspired by Scriptural and current events reflections by our pastor, Fr. Jim Mockler. Read here.

Coming to Weekend Mass in-person? Please read this!

Our Reservation System for weekend Masses, which began last October was introduced to alleviate the necessity of long line-ups with the previous “first come, first serve” premise we used when we re-opened. The reservations system comes with its own caveat “those with reservations must arrive no later than 15 minutes before Mass for registration, prescreening check, and seating. Once the 15 minutes has passed we give away the reserved seats to those arriving without a reservation. Those arriving without a reservation are not guaranteed a seat.” Each week we still have those with reservations arriving very close to or after Mass has begun. expecting to get in. Often our volunteers are met with harsh words and attitudes when seats are no longer available. If you have a reservation, please do your part in arriving within the first 15 minutes. The doors open 30 minute before Mass. Please be kind to our volunteers who make it possible for you to attend mass. Thank you for your cooperation with this.

Parish Thanksgiving Appeal

Each year, every parish in our Diocese participates in the annual Thanksgiving Appeal. 100% of all funds generated during this appeal remain in the parish and help us to meet our financial commitments and to support our many parish activities in ministry, liturgy, outreach, and special projects. It is through your generosity that will allow us to continue to attend to the ongoing maintenance of our buildings, rising costs of our various ministry initiatives, the increased demand for our outreach to the needy in our community, and to bring to life the pastoral priorities we have set for the years ahead. All donations are gratefully accepted. Donations will be accepted until the end of October.

Mass, Confessions, and YOU

We are exploring the possibility of adding another weekday noon Mass (Fridays) as well as looking at a weekly Confession time (Saturday, 9am-9:45am). We will need more volunteers to carry this out with the regular duties needed of screening, contact tracing, and seating. Proof of vaccination is now required. If you are interested in assisting, please contact Cathryn Hall.

Diocesan COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

On October 18, Bishop Fabbro promulgated a COVID-19 Vaccination Policy for all clergy, employees, staff, and volunteers engaged in the ministry of the Church. This policy has been enacted to continue to provide safe places of worship, work, and ministry, celebrate the sacraments, and carry out our religious duties and responsibilities for the common good. As Pope Francis himself said: "Being vaccinated is an act of love. Each one of us can make his or her own small gesture of love....no matter how small, love is always grand. Small gestures for a better future". The full policy can be found here

Is it Okay for Catholics to be Vaccinated Against COVID-19?       

Earlier this year in our bulletin we provided a letter from the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops,  written by the bishops of Alberta and the Northwest Territories, explaining why taking the COVID-19 vaccine is morally permissible according to Catholic teachings. Click here to read the letter.  The Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna/NIH vaccines have been deemed “ethically sourced” by the Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute (CCBI) and others. With the Lozier Institute, the CCBI has been following the development of the vaccines and you can learn more about their analysis here

Celebrating the Sacraments

Sacramental Preparation is offered for all those preparing to receive the Sacraments of First Reconciliation (Confession) and First Communion (age 7/Grade 2). 

Preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation (age 14/Grade 8) for students currently in Grade 8 will be announced in the new year. 


To register your child for the sacraments please contact Cathryn Hall or 519-432-3475 ext 225.

St. Vincent de Paul

During this past September, our parish St. Vincent de Paul Society visited 50 homes, assisting 71 people, with $2500 in grocery cards and twenty-five vouchers for either furniture or clothing at the St. Vincent de Paul store on York St. People have been particularly appreciative of receiving our help during this difficult time. We can provide this assistance only because of your generous support-both through your contributions and your prayers. Christmas will soon be upon us, and we will be making our annual delivery of Christmas gifts on Saturday, December 11. Further details of this program will appear in the bulletin in the next few weeks.

St. Peter’s Cathedral Goes “Live”

Wednesday Daily Masses at noon and Saturday Masses at 5 pm (ET) are livestreamed on our YouTube channel. You may wish to subscribe to get reminder notices of upcoming celebrations. Link to our YouTube channel HERE.

We remember in prayer...

We remember in prayer all those who are sick. We also pray for those who have died; and comfort those who mourn. For the requested Mass intentions, click here.

Audio/Visual Spiritual Resources

Sometimes is it easier for us to listen to a spiritual reflection or teaching than it is to read.  I have listed a few websites or podcasts you might find helpful for prayer and in your own spiritual formation.  Click here.

Parish Bulletin Update

Take a look at our parish bulletin this weekend.  Despite the pandemic, life continues to unfold.  We want to provide you with creative ways of engaging you in ministry, faith formation and growth in prayer.  Check things out here.

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