We would like to get married
at St. Peter's.
What do we need to know?

Congratulations on your engagement to be married.  The first thing you may need to know is that one of your must have been baptized as a Roman Catholic Church in order to celebrate marriage in the Church.  Here are a few items to consider in planning to celebrate your wedding with us.

  • It is best to call the parish office approximately one year in advance of the date you would like to marry. 

  • You will then set an appointment with Cathryn Hall, pastoral minister for sacramental preparation.  

  • Because you will be celebrating the Sacrament of Marriage we encourage you to renew your commitment to coming to Mass on Sundays if this has not been your practice as of late.

  • You will be asked to take part in a Marriage Preparation program.  These programs are usually done over the course of a weekend and are meant to help engaged couples consider and share with each other about various aspect of married life.

  • As a Roman Catholic, you will be asked to provide a new copy of your baptismal certificate.  To do so, contact the parish where you were baptized, tell them you are planning to marry in a Catholic church and require a new copy of your baptismal certificate.  This new certificate will include the date and place where you received the Sacrament of Confirmation.

  • If your partner has been baptized in any Christian church he/she is simply asked to provide a photocopy of their original baptismal certificate.

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