Celebrating the Sacraments

Each year we welcome families of our parish who present their children to celebrate the Sacraments of 1st Reconciliation, 1st Eucharist, and Confirmation. As first teachers of the faith for their children, parents play an invaluable role in supporting their children as they prepare for the celebration of the Sacraments.

Preparation for 1st Reconciliation for children age 7 and up will begin in February. 1st Eucharist preparation will follow. Both preparation programs are done at home, at a pace appropriate for the child with resources provided by the parish. Celebrations of both sacraments will take place when our current government restrictions allow for gathering.

Preparation for Confirmation for children age 13 and up will take place after Easter. Government restrictions will determine if the preparation will be in person or online. Celebration of the sacrament will be announced at a later date based on our government restrictions.

The preparation of your children for the Sacraments is a very important time for both the children and parents. It can be a great experience for the entire family as these children come to understand and better recognize God’s love for them through the sacraments. It can also be a time of renewal and recommitment for the parents in the practice and understanding of their own faith life.

May this time of preparation be a blessing to you, your child and family and may your own example of prayer, faith, and Christian living continue to inspire and enlighten your child in their own journey of faith.

To register your child for the sacraments please email Cathryn Hall or call 519-432-3475, ext 225.

A Prayer for Parents


God of all Creation,

your breath gave life to all humanity.

Breathe into us your love and guidance,

so that we may parent with wisdom and compassion.

Gift us with your strength and courage

so we may proclaim your presence through words and actions.

Enlighten us with words of truth and comfort as they are needed,

and bring us patience and humility as we lead our family along this journey.

Help us pass onto our children a faith that matters,

with you as the center and foundation of our family.