Christian Meditation Silent Prayer Group

Follow the daily tradition of Christ and Christians throughout the ages silently praying to God. We seek to become aware and freely open to the Divine Presence within each of us, as children of God, no matter what our tradition. We have come to know that this openness can be found as we simply and gently remove distractions and thoughts by silently repeating a word or phrase.


In our weekly one hour meeting, we begin with 20 minutes of silent meditation.

This is followed by listening to a topic related to why we meditate, for about 20 minutes.

Then for approximately 20 minutes, we share our ideas about the topic or discuss ways we can help one another improve our practice.


This group at St. Peter’s was started in 1989 and is part of a larger worldwide community.


Come exactly as you are.  All are welcome. 


Visit for more info or call or text Bern's cell at 519.851.5055.

All are welcome!