How Do We Make
Arrangements for a Funeral?

When a loved one dies we may feel lost and confused.  Whether the death was due to illness or was unexpected we still wonder about the steps we need to take in planning a funeral liturgy.  Here a few steps that might help you in making those arrangements.

  • When you contact the funeral home of your choice let the director know that you are thinking about having a funeral liturgy at St. Peter's Cathedral Basilica.

  • Contact our parish office by calling us at 519-432-3475 and telling us that a loved one has died and about your request for a funeral liturgy.

  • When you visit with the funeral director they will plan a time with you for the funeral and will make contact with our office to confirm the availability of the Cathedral church for the liturgy.

  • A member of the parish pastoral staff will contact a member of the family to assist in planning the Scripture readings, prayers, hymns and participants for these roles.

Perhaps you have other questions that are not covered in this brief article. Please contact us and we will do our best to provide some clarity regarding your questions.​