Marriage Preparation Program

Congratulations on your decision to make the commitment to marriage in the St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica community. The Parish is most eager to be of assistance to you in helping you to prepare for your life together. A group of married couples in our community have volunteered to journey with you throughout this learning process. 

St. Peter’s Marriage Preparation Program will take place at St. Peter’s Parish Centre. The weekend consists of talks and discussions on all aspects of married life presented by married couples of the parish along with members of the Pastoral Team. The presenters will discuss marriage in the church, communication, finances, resolving conflict, giving and receiving love, living out your vows, and other relevant topics. The program provides you with an opportunity to share your own experiences and hear those of the presenter couples. It is hoped that you will gain a better understanding of yourselves, as individuals and as a couple. 

Priority is given to couples being married at St. Peter’s Cathedral. All couples must contact Cathryn Hall at the parish office before registering. The registration fee for the program is $125.00 per couple. Once Cathryn has admitted you to the program, you may return to this page and make your payment online, before completing the online form.


Marriage Preparation programs are scheduled for the upcoming dates: 

March 3rd - 4th, 2018

November 17th -18th, 2018

March 2nd - 3rd, 2019

November 16th -17th, 2019


Step 1: Contact Cathryn


Step 2: I have contacted Cathryn Hall, and am ready to make my online payment.

Step 3: I have made my online payment, and am ready to complete the registration form.

What other couples had to say about their Marriage Preparation Weekend...


“Comparing her answers to mine has made for some interesting conversations.”

“Spending a weekend focused on each other and the commitment we are making is helpful and healthy."

“We appreciated hearing perspectives and true-life stories from couples at various stages in their marriage.”

“Some of the activities made me evaluate myself and gave me perspective on how to improve. It’s not about changing a person, but improving interaction with your spouse.” 

“We could leave our everyday lives behind and focus on issues we encounter now and in the future, and have the shared experiences of other couples.” 

If you cannot attend any of these sessions at St. Peter's,

you may attend Dr. Bruce Tallman's marriage preparation course.