• Fr. Gary Ducharme

Dear Parishioners of St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica

Since the announcement of my move from the parish to St. Peter’s Seminary, I have received many gracious words of appreciation and support for what lies ahead of me. Thank you for all of your kindness and goodness to me throughout my three short years as your assistant priest.

I mentioned in my farewell last Sunday that one of the great gifts of St. Peter’s Cathedral Parish is its rich diversity on a number of levels. That diversity, as I said is a richness and gift in itself, but it also forces us to stretch ourselves in a loving service of people from all walks of life. The diversity of this community of Christians has helped me to grow and I am sure it has prepared me for a more specialized ministry in preparing men for the priesthood.

Another gift that flowed from my time at St. Peter’s was the experience of collaborative ministry shared with the parish team and the parishioners who serve on various committees, organizations and ministries in the parish. I am most appreciative of Fr. Jim’s gentle friendship and guidance as a brother priest. I’m ever so grateful to Cathryn, Brian, Deacon Len and Deacon Rudy for the pastoral work we shared together. I want to thank RoseMary, Vianca, Peter, Shaun, Ron, Gloria and Rachel and the other workers and volunteers I would encounter regularly at the parish. All of you offered your support and service with glad and kind hearts. Thank You!

I will not easily forget the wonderful experience of serving at the principal church of the Diocese. Thank you, St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica Parish.


Fr. Gary Ducharme


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