• Fr. Peter Amszej

Seven Useless Facts About Myself

Father Jim asked me to introduce myself by writing a little something about myself for the bulletin. Let me summarize my life for you: Boring! Well, seven seems to be an important number in the Scriptures; maybe that number will make these following facts about me seem more important than they actually are!

1. Much of my life has been spent around the general vicinity of the cathedral. I grew up on the south end of Colborne Street, went to the old St. John’s Elementary School on Hill Street, was a parishioner at Our Lady of Częstochowa Church, attended Catholic Central High School and also worked for several years just down the street at the London Life building. So, basically, I haven’t gone very far in life.

2. My parents came to Canada from Poland but, due to shifting borders after the Second World War, the place where they were born and raised is now part of Belarus. I like to think that’s why I bear such a striking resemblance to one Vladimir Lenin. Or, Uncle Vlady as we called him.

3. My parents were older when they got married and had my older brother and myself. In fact, when I was born, my father was already fifty-seven years old and my mother was already in her mid-forties! So, that pretty much makes me a “miracle baby”. Please treat me accordingly.

4. I worked at several jobs before entering the seminary: delivering newspapers, fast food restaurant, movie theatre, lumber yard, government libraries and the aforementioned London Life Insurance Company. I’ve also worked at several parishes in our diocese and at St. Peter’s Seminary here In London. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that I seem to have trouble holding down a job for a long time. Don’t get too attached to me!

5. I have a personal Twitter feed (@FrPeterAmszej) where I tweet a short reflection on the daily Mass readings. I have about a thousand less followers on my Twitter feed than Father Jim has on his - but I’m not jealous. Really, I’m not. No, seriously, I’m OK with that. OK, maybe a little jealous. Please subscribe.

6. While I’ll be serving here at the Cathedral for the next ten months, I’ll be living at St. Andrew’s Parish with the Capuchin Friars and discerning a possible religious vocation with them. If anyone has any reason why they feel the Capuchins would be making a horrible mistake in accepting me into their midst, please contact their vocations director immediately and warn them! Or, you could just let them get to know me for a few weeks and they’ll probably come to the same conclusion anyway.

7. As you might be able to tell from the previous six useless facts, I like to joke around and tend to think I’m pretty funny. Oddly, very few people agree with that selfassessment of my humour. Feel free to be swayed to the majority opinion. I’ll understand.

8. Wow, bonus useless fact! I should say that I’m very happy to be serving here among you this year and look forward to what God has in store for us!


Fr. Peter Amszej


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